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Great customer service - one customer at a time

'You build and lose a business exactly the same way, one customer at a time,’ said Nick Wheeler, founder of Charles Tyrwhitt. You really do have to see customers as individuals and making sure they are nurtured is the best way to achieve loyalty, a good reputation and, ultimately, more profit.

These days, customers are smarter and have higher expectations than ever. Unhappy customers are more likely to complain on social media and, with customer reviews becoming a real decision driver, it’s not only your reputation that will be affected.

We offer mystery shopping, which tells you what’s really happening when your staff interact with your customers, and customer service training workshops so that you can target those areas where you have most opportunities to improve.

Measure - train - measure again

Mystery shopping measures and monitors customer service, sales processes and levels of compliance. It is often thought of in the context of retail but, in fact, is used in many settings. It is a very effective tool for assessing whether planned services and processes are actually working on the ground.

Often used before and after training to first benchmark and then test whether the training has worked.

''While at Pod, I worked with Newlann Mystery Shopping for 4 years. The desired results were achieved: improved customer experience and knowing how we compare to our main competitors. The relationship with Carole was excellent. She was very responsive to queries, set up regular meetings with us to discuss improvement areas, and came up with new ways and ideas on how to challenge us to deliver better results year on year. We found the reports to be objective, very cost effective and without any doubt, they helped us identify improvement areas and customer trends.''

Jovan Perovic, Company Owner, Figaro

We are a small company with a big reach.

We have a panel of some 8,000 shoppers across the UK.

They are geo-demographically representative of the population and come from all walks of life.

This means we can use people who appear truly credible in many different market settings.

''Working with Carole and Newlann was not only easy but the service was great and excellent mystery shopping too. I will certainly be using Newlann for mystery shopping again.''

Raj Dattani, CX Customer-Led Training Limited.

Meet the team

Carole Arvanitis

There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a client’s business thrive after we’ve unearthed some customer insight that’s been holding them back.

And since I started Newlann in 2014, I have loved watching businesses, both large and small, thrive, by understanding their customers better.

I worked for 20 years as a divisional director at Gfk Mystery Shopping and I gained experience in other market research agencies as well as at the sharp end in retail.

I’m also a certified member of the Market Research Society (MRS).


Andy Postlethwaite

I have been an IT professional for more than 20 years. I specialise in database management, data analysis and presentation.

I am skilled in the use of application software as well as web development concepts, standards and data security. I look after all things technical including our data capture site and reporting portal.

You can contact me directly with any tech related queries: andy@newlann.com.


Deborah Holland

I have been a marketing professional since 2001 with a particular focus on communication. I previously ran branding and design agency SmithHolland Creative, managing the agency’s projects and copywriting for a variety of clients.

I came to marketing via fundraising and have considerable knowledge of the third sector and charitable organisations, such as Cardiff-based homelessness charity Llamau and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.


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